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Learning Technologies

Find out what learning technologies are available for use in Royal Roads courses.

Moodle (Learning Management System)

Royal Roads adopted Moodle in 2004 and has done extensive modifcations to the platform in order to suit our unique learning model and teaching philosophy. Nearly all credit courses (face to face and online) at RRU use a Moodle course shell since Moodle works with our student system to provide grading. In most cases, the Moodle course shell is heavily utilized, particuarly in online courses. Students access content and resources, collaborate with each other, submit assignments and receive grades via Moodle. CTET provides training to faculty on working in Moodle to both develop and deliver courses.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a synchronous web conferencing system. CTET provides training to instructors who want to use Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) to facilitate learning in a synchronous environment.


While the Moodle LMS does have an integrated blogging tool, those available from other sources are superior in terms of functionality and ease of use. CTET can make recommendations for which tools suit your individual and audience needs, provide advice on using a blog in a learning setting, and show you how to get started with blogging.


Most of you have probably heard of Twitter, which technically is a microblogging tool. If you'd like to explore instructional uses of twitter or other microblogging tools, we can help.


Wikis are a great way of enabling collaboration between students. A wiki is essentially a web page that can be edited by all those with access. Moodle has a built in wiki tool, but there are many others out there. Talk to your Instructional Designer about how to incorporate wikis into your course.


Podcasting has become an increasingly popular way of providing content to students. There are lots of ways to create them, and CTET can help you with creation, editing, and best practices for use.


Want to spice up your course, or personalize it a little with some video? Maybe you just want to do a short introductory video that frames the course for students. You'll find information on this site about how to make video that will work for your audience, and you can also just talk with an expert in CTET who will guide you through the process.

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